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Articles Mentioning iStockphoto
BigStock is a good company for beginners due to its relatively low prices and strong support options. Shutterstock is an effective choice for those who want to draw from its huge 50 million strong stock photo library. The iStock site is the way to go if you need low prices and flexible options such as image credits that never expire. more
Corbis has an efficient site design with specific photo filters which makes it easier to find the exact photo you want. The iStock site is the cheapest of the bunch and gives you the most for your money. Getty Images has the most sheer numbers of photos. Shutterstock caters more specifically to small businesses. Thinkstock has flexible billing and they also have extra partners for a larger variety of photos. more
iStockphoto Consumer Q&A
The degree of commitment you have at iStockphoto will determine how much money you can earn from each photo you upload in their site. If you are only a contributor, you can east a base royalty of 15% for each download. If you are an exclusive contributor, you can earn as much as 45% of the fee each ... more
iStockphoto products are available to international customers. However, there are no physical products that could be shipped to any country. All products of iStockphoto are delivered electronically. iStockphoto is a website that sells photos, illustrations, videos and audios. For more information, ... more
Yes, iStockphoto accepts payments from PayPal. Customers can also buy iStock credits using their credit cards, checks or money orders. Contact the customer service of iStockphoto to know more information about payments like specific credit cards, mailing address for checks or money orders, and proce... more
iStockphoto Overview
If you need some stock artwork for a project, one place many corporations go is to iStockphoto.  Formed to offer media without worries about royalty fees the company was a timely innovation.  The company was formed in 2001 by Bruce Livingstone.  He decided to offer his collection of photographs online as stock photos for others to use.  As member joined the company, it began to charge for this service to support the costs of operation.  Members can also sell their own artwork to the company to add to its collection.  iStockphoto offers a number of plug-ins to make it easier on members using their material.  There are also an abundant amount of art material ... more
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